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What to expect while in the hospital after giving birth

What to expect while in the hospital after giving birth

After the baby is born, there will be a lot of changes in your life. Below is a breakdown of some of the feelings and changes that you will notice after giving birth.

While you are in the hospital:

* your muscles will be sore from the labor and delivery. Your bottom will be sore and swollen. If you had a C-section or tubal ligation, your incision will most likely be uncomfortable.

* Feeding your baby by either breast or bottle is going to be really scary the first few times.

* Heavy bleeding or passing blood clots is normal.

* It's also normal to cry or feel emotional and overwhelmed. Don't feel bad about feeling that way. You should write down thoughts and feeling about the labor, delivery and the first hours with your new baby. Encourage your partner to do the same. You two will enjoy going back later in time and reading what you were feeling at that time. Take time for you, your partner and your baby to bond as a family. Remember, this is new to all of you.

* Ask your partner to take you for a walk outside your hospital room.

* Ask for the paperwork so you can get your baby a social security number. Fill it out and be sure to send it in. Most hospitals talk with you about this but it's important to remember just in case.

* Take time to rest. Don't feel bad about turning off your phone and restricting visitors. People will have plenty of time to see the baby once you are home and comfortable again.

* Pain should be relieved by medication. If it's not, tell the doctor. Don't be nervous about asking for it.

* Watch some videos about baby care. Most hospitals have them readily available.

* Dont' be shy about asking questions and getting help from the nurses and staff in the hospital. That is what they are there for. That is their job.

* Even though you just lost 10 to 15 pounds with the baby's birth, it will still take a little time for the rest of the weight to come off. Remember that. Also, remember to eat nutritiously to keep up energy and to produce milk, if you are breastfeeding.

Enjoy your new bundle of joy.

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Congratulations to you

Losing weight after birth

Author: Jessica

Are you mislead to believe that you will never have the same body after birth?? Many women believe these myths about losing weight after birth. You can actually have a better body after your baby. You do not have to give in to the myth that all mommy's wear big mommy jeans and that you cannot pull off that hip, young mommy look. You don't have to become that stereotypical mom. This is society's fault, to make you believe that you will not be able to get your sexy body back, you don't have to trade in your thong for granny panties.

I personally do not have any kids but I have friends that had up to 4 kids and are still looking great, nothing like society expects a mom of 4 to look like!!

These are some of the things that you will here when you fall pregnant and this is how society brainwashes you into thinking that you will never be and look sexy again while losing weight after birth.

"They say your weight permanently goes up by 10lbs with every pregnancy"

"I would love to wear stuff like that, but I have kids"

"I would love to be in shape, but I have kids"

‘I know I will never have abs again, because I have kids…c section, two of them"

Let's get real and cut through the crap. You absolutely can have your body back after having children!!! Losing weight after birth does not have to be such a mission. Honestly, if you really want to, you can have an even better body after your kids.

You can't simply want it, you have to act on it. ACTION is the key!!!! You have to remember that your body will not just spring back into shape, even if you drop all the weight. There are some skeletal changes that take some ttime to go back to normal like the widening of the pelvis and hips, some changes may be permanent like your breast tissue will not have the same density as it did before and if you get stretch marks, they don't fully go away, but they do improve over time, however you can control the formation of stretch marks and the severity with which they occur.

You need to be prepared, being prepared works 100% of the time, not being prepared fails 100% of the time

Losing weight after birth

Steps to formulate a plan of action:

Start taking steps during pregnancy to make the recovery easier.

These include eating healthy, try not to gain too much weight, keep up with some physical activity, take your vitamins and use a moisturizer on stretch prone areas such as breasts, belly and hips. If you get stretch marks anywhere else, you just gained far too much weight.

Plan your meals and be prepared

Make a schedule with your husband or significant other that factors in ‘me time'

Don't give up and just accept the fact that all mommy's have to wear big mommy jeans. It wil take time to get your body back but don't dare give up.

Love your kids, take care of them but love them enough to take care of yourself too. be an example to them by eating healthy and keeping up with your physical exercise.

Everyone in your household will be happier when the queen of the house is happy. You owe it yourself and your family.

Losing weight after birth can be a difficult task but with these tips you should be fully equipped and prepared.

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