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Recovering from a cesarean

Recovering from a cesarean

How To Recover After A Cesarean Birth

Author: Sandra Wilson

Why cesarean? - Many moms ask this question even during the early weeks of their pregnancy. As early as you can, it is very important that you discuss with your doctor the best delivery option for you and your baby. While most moms opt to deliver normal vaginal delivery, there are some instances wherein cesarean birth is the best option. This may caused by complications which have developed during your pregnancy. Generally, cesarean births are said to be riskier as compared to normal vaginal delivery. It increases your risks to infection – especially for women who have undergone multiple cesarean cases. If you are planning on undergoing cesarean operation, below are a few things to help you during your recovery.

  • Most hospitals delegate a pediatrician to check a cesarean baby to ensure that everything is okay. The pediatrician will clean and weigh the baby before finally brought to you. You will not be allowed to hold the baby for a while since your surgery will still be finished and your arms still have IV lines in them.
  • After your incision is closed, you will be transferred to the recovery room for further observation until your anesthesia finally wears off. In some cases, you may be given a morphine for a few hours to help ease the pain although this will have to depend on the nature of your surgery and your doctor's assessment of your pain. Expect to be kept on catheter for a few more hours.
  • Feel free to breastfeed as soon as you can. Ask for assistance from your lactation consultant or nurses. If you were given special medications, be sure to discuss the safety of breastfeeding before finally doing so.
  • Most cesarean patients stay in the hospital for several days. Hours after your operation, nurses will help you to get on your feet. They will also remove the catheter and disconnect your morphine medication. They will assist and undressing you to get you ready for a shower. Your incision is stapled making it safe for shower as long as you keep it free from soap. Like normal delivery, vaginal bleeding is normal with cesarean patients.
  • Your doctor may continuously prescribe pain medications to help address pain during your first few days. Since it is a major surgery, you will be highly advised to take enough rest as you can and avoid straining your stitches.
  • It is normal for you to experience urination problems after your catheter is taken out. This also makes you prone to urinary tract infections. Both of these problems are completely normal, mild and will disappear in time. Feel free to give yourself enough time in the bathroom for relaxation. Keep it mind to drink and ear whatever it is that your health care providers asks you to.
  • If you feel burning sensations or itching, relay this to your nurses immediately so they can have you checked up.
  • Eat a lot of high-fiber fruits to keep you hydrated and to address problems of the bowel movement.

Undergoing through cesarean recovery may be more difficult as compared to normal vaginal delivery. To ensure and easier and faster recovery, keep the above useful tips to help you through.

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