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Diet to get pregnant

Diet to get pregnant

A balanced diet is important not only for general health but also for fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant than you a diet to get pregnant. Eating well will increase the likelihood that you will get pregant and it sets the stage for a healthier pregnancy. Certain foods can help increase your chances of getting pregnant. There are six main nutrients that you should focus on while trying to get pregnant.

Calcium- Increasing your calcium intake can help the proper functioning of your reproductive system. How much calcium do you need in your diet to get pregnant? Aim for three servings of calcium-rich foods daily. One serving is equivalent to 1/4 cup grated cheese or 1 cup of milk or yogurt. Also, getting enough calcium in your system now will help strengthen your soon to be developing baby's teeth and bones, as well as help muscle, heart and nerve development.

Protein- When I am talking about protein in your diet to get pregnant, I am not talking about a juicy burger or a slab of meat loaf or a juicy steak. That is high-fat animal protein. Too much high-fat animal protein may hurt your chances of getting pregnant and your waistline and overall health. It's best to cut back on that type of protein while trying to get pregnant. Aim for lower-fat animal protein like lean beef, poultry and fish. Keep your protein intake to 50 to 75 grams a day or two and a half modest servings a day. More than 100 grams of protein can make it harder to conceive. The best proteins to choose from in your diet to get pregnant are poultry, fish, beans, split peas or beef. Keep your portions on the smaller side but consume some each day to increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Iron- When you have your period, it depletes your iron. The more blood loss, the more iron you lose. Research has shown that women who have adequate iron have a higher fertility rate than women who are deficient in iron. To increase your iron to healthy doses to increase fertility, try kale, spinach and oatmeal. Oatmeal has lots of other nutrients as well that can help you get pregnant faster.

Carbs- No, not all carbs are bad. Carbs have a bad reputation thanks to the popularity of high-protein diets. There's a world of nutritional difference between carbs that are complex such as beans, fruits and vegetable and those that are carbs that are easily converted to sugar such as white bread, sugary soda, candy bars etc. That difference also extends to fertility. Women who eat more complex carbs have higher fertility rates than those who eat the bad carbs that convert to sugar. Eating complex carbs that take longer for the body to digest (like that bowl of whole grain cereal) doesn't negatively affect your insulin levels. This can improve your body's ability to ovulate regularly and improve your ability to get pregnant.
In your diet to get pregnant, aim for two to four servings of fruit daily. A serving would be equivalent to 1 apple, 2 plums, 1 banana or 2 cups diced watermelon. Also, aim for 3 to 5 servings of vegetables. A serving would be equivalent to 1 tomato, 1/2 carrot or 1 1/2 cup of raw mushrooms.

Vitamins A,B6 and C- You will already get some of each of these vitamins from the above mentioned foods but you should also start taking one prenatal vitamin a day each day (yes, before you actually get pregnant). These can help you conceive quicker and help supplement other areas that you may be lacking in. You can pick up an over the counter prenatal vitamin at pretty much any pharmacy or nutrition store.

Folic- An adequate increase in folic acid can help to increase fertility. Most leafy green vegetables and whole grains are naturally full of this. The prenatal vitamin also has this in it. Two salads a day can also do wonders when it comes to folic. Great for your health and increases your chances of getting pregnant so be sure to include them in your diet to get pregnant.

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Quick Easy Ways To Get Pregnant Quick Explained - Healthy Living and a Healthy Diet to Get Pregnant

Author: Gettingpregnantplan

After experiencing a life as a couple, every man and his wife, wish to bring up a child. Getting pregnant, for all the couples, is a turning point in life. The juncture of pregnancy brings a whole new perspective of what life has been, what it is and how it is going to be. If you are trying to get pregnant, let me assure you that there are easy ways to get pregnant. As amateurs, couples, often overlook the smaller details, while trying to conceive. As the article unfolds, you will get to know, what are the easy ways to get pregnant fast. However, it takes effort from both the partners, while trying out these quick easy ways to get pregnant.

Easy Ways to Get Pregnant

It's Natural
Firstly, understand that getting pregnant is a natural process. If you have been trying to conceive since a long time, I am sure, you know by now, that getting pregnant is no child's play. If you try to hard to get pregnant, which means if you are mentally stressed out, it is going to affect your fertility. Unfruitful tries may have added stress to your relationship, which is further ruining your chances of pregnancy. Hence, try and relax and work towards making your mind and body fit for this change. Maybe the fact, that you haven't conceived yet, is a sign that you aren't ready, so work on getting rid of the stress. So, make this a pleasurable journey and have fun! Read more on tips on how to get pregnant.

We all know, that sex is the reason why we are here and it's through sex, that babies are born but, there is a little more to it than that. Your sexual life, while trying to conceive has to well planned. This sounds a little boring, but you need to have a separate time, especially scheduled for each other. Having a lot of sex during ovulation, increases your chances of getting pregnant. A woman ovulates, 15 days after, her first day of monthly menstrual cycle. This is a rough estimate, but a close guess too. An orgasm, is always a positive sign and reduces stress too. So, why not?! Read more on best days to get pregnant.

Sexual positions is another important aspect a couple needs to consider, while trying to conceive. Woman on her back with the man on top is best position for getting pregnant. This allows the gravity to do it's work and cervical mucous, will also help in carrying the sperm through the vaginal canal. This missionary position, permits deepest penetration, which definitely increases your chances of getting pregnant. Once the action's done, lay low, and let the sperm find its way. Read more on best time to get pregnant.

Healthy Diet
You may be abiding by the aforementioned rules. However, if you body is unhealthy, you can't expect easy ways to get pregnant to work. If you have been wondering for so long about what are some easy ways to get pregnant, then the simplest answer is having a healthy body and a healthy mind. So, stick to a healthy living and a healthy diet. Avoid smoking, consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food as it can lead to infertility. Remember, everything you eat, is going to affect your fertility and in turn your baby too. See a doctor and find out what kind of diet you need to adhere to for being healthy and fit to carry a baby.

Easy ways to get pregnant are something that you have heard all along. However, the important part is to have fun, while trying to get pregnant. Just relax, and let nature lead you on the way to find your bundle of joy!

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