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How to know if you are pregnant

How to know if you are pregnant

5 Wonderful Signs To Know If You Are Pregnant – Pregnancy Tips And Best Way To Conceive

Author: Michelle Yeo

You just came home from the nearest drugstore and you are just so excited to try the pregnancy test you bought. Unconsciously you are holding your breath as you waited for the result. Then the two signs became visible; and you almost jump out of joy. But then, you still want to make sure of this new transition of your life. So, here are the possible wonderful signs to know if you are pregnant.

1. Delayed Menstrual Cycle

If you have a regular menstrual period, then a missed one is a great reason to celebrate. This is considered as one of the definite way to know if you are pregnant. There are women though who bleeds even if they are already a month pregnant, but normally the bleeding will be shorter than normal menstrual flow.

2. Swollen and Tender of the Breast

Changes in the breast are another way to know if you are pregnant. Your breast may become a bit larger and swollen especially on the first trimester of your pregnancy. Veins may also be visible under the skin on the breast. Area around the nipples which is called areola may also darken.

3. Morning Sickness

This is one of the best ways to know if you are pregnant. Morning sickness may start as early as three weeks which is caused by the sudden increased of estrogen and progesterone level of the body. Your sense of smell becomes sensitive that various odors can make you feel queasy. Contrary to its name, this sensitivity can occur anytime of the day, noon and night.

4. Frequent Urination

You might wonder why you always wake up at the middle of the night with nature's call. Well, if you are pregnant, you urinate more often than you usually did. You begin to feel this symptom for around six to eight weeks of your pregnancy. The reason behind this symptom is the hormonal changes that pregnant women undergo which cause the blood to rush rapidly through your kidneys, filling your urinary bladder faster than usual.

5. Cravings

You may not have the longing to eat durian and ice cream on winter. But if you are pregnant, you get to crave for the foods that you are usually not fond of eating. Some even crave for weird foods. In most cases, these food carvings in pregnant women could last for the entire nine months.

If you happen to encounter some, if not all, of these symptoms along with your pregnancy test; then you might be carrying you're a little angel in your tummy. There are more symptoms that you might experience if you are pregnant. You can talk to your OBGYN so that you can have some guidelines in order for you to cope with these changes easier.

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