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Avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy

Avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy

Egg White Can Remove Stretch Marks for Pregnant Women

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Egg is a kind of common food in our daily life. We all know that eggs contain abundant nutrients. In fact, eggs also contain unique value for medicine. During the pregnancy, many women are troubled by the appearance of stretch marks. Egg white can effectively help pregnant women deal with such a problem.

Egg white can effectively help people remove the internal heat from the body and accelerate the growth of body tissues and wounds. It can also whiten and tenderize the skin, as it contains abundant protein and a little acetic acid. Protein can enhance the smoothness for the skin and acetic acid can protect the sub-acidity for the skin to prevent the infection of bacteria. What's more, egg white can alleviate or remove the stretch marks for pregnant women. In order to get egg white conveniently, people can use a needle to prick the two sides of an egg, and then the egg white can get out from the holes. Women can also make use of some other methods which can help women get egg white conveniently.

In order to remove the stretch marks, women should first clean the abdomen and massage it for about 10 minutes, then spread egg white on the abdomen for 10 minutes. After wiping off the white egg from the abdomen, women should massage the abdomen so as to improve the absorption. At the same time, women can add drops of olive oil into egg white. Vitamin E contained in olive oil can accelerate the regrowth of collagens in the skin. After spreading egg white on the abdomen, women can use white bar to wrap the abdomen. Such a kind of beautifying behavior can not only eliminate the stretch marks but also improve the figure recovery after the delivery.

In fact, it is rather difficult for women to remove the stretch marks from the body once the stretch marks are formed. Therefore, it is important for women to prevent the formation of stretch marks. In order to prevent the formation of stretch marks, women should avoid gaining weight excessively during the pregnancy so as to avoid the excessive tensioning of the skin. What's more, it is also necessary for women to take some exercises before the pregnancy so as to enhance the skin elasticity. At the same time, pregnant women should often eat some fruits and vegetables so as to supplement adequate vitamins.

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Pregnancy and Stretch Marks - How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy or Treat Them When they Occur

Author: Mel Paterson

If you've just become pregnant, congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey full of love and learning, one of life's greatest and most magical experiences. Unfortunately, pregnancy also opens a whole new Pandora's Box of concerns and worries, and one you might be considering right now (among many others no doubt) is pregnancy and stretch marks.

Stretch marks or Striae Distensae, is a form of scarring that occurs when the skin is stretched very rapidly (such as during pregnancy) and as a result small tears can occur in the tissue of the skin. When this tearing occurs, there is a depletion of collagen in the skin (collagen is a protein that keeps skin soft and stretchy) in the area of the tearing, and as a result marks that are a different color, texture and indentation appear where the skin was stretched. These marks are Striae.

The best way to deal with pregnancy and stretch marks is to accept them as inevitability. Any pregnant woman is going to have some form or another of stretch marks. Some women wear them as a badge of honor, others just try to ignore them. However, we do recognize that some women can have their self esteem and body image impacted heavily by Striae scars, especially those unlucky enough to get large scars or lots of scarring across different areas of the body.

As with most things, when dealing with pregnancy and stretch marks, prevention is the best method of avoiding being heavily affected by these scars. With a good prevention regime, you may be lucky enough to avoid the scars altogether or at least reduce the amount of scarring that occurs.

The stretch mark solution to prevent scarring, the first step is to find a good treatment. A Striae formulated cream that is safe for pregnancy will have a much better effect as preventative than it will have as a cure, so start applying one regularly as soon as you start to show signs of growth. Remember to avoid any cream that contains Retin-A or Tretinoin, as these might be harmful to your baby, and are only recommended for non-pregnant Striae scar sufferers.

In addition to your cream application regime, keep your skin moisturized with a cocoa butter treatment. Not only will this keep your skin soft and feeling beautiful, it may help to increase the elasticity of your skin and help avoid scarring when the skin is stretched. Cocoa butter is actually an old pregnancy and stretch marks home cure that has been around for many years, and millions of women swear by it. So at the worst you'll be hydrating your skin, at the best you'll be giving your skin a double whammy prevention regime against pregnancy stretch marks.

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