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Cat litter and pregnancy

Cat litter and pregnancy

The Dangers of Cat Litter to Pregnant Women

The Dangers of Cat Litter to Pregnant Women

By Jason Gibson Parsons

When women get pregnant, one of the first things they have to think about is "How am I going to keep myself safe and healthy so my baby will be healthy?" Many women do their research in attempt to find out everything to stay away from during pregnancy, and others don't dig deep enough to find out everything that's harmful to them and their babies. One of the most unheard of, to watch out for, is the change of cat litter.

Cat feces carry a very harmful virus called Toxoplasmosis, which can be left in a cat's litter box as well as be carried out in its paws. If a pregnant woman comes in contact with this virus, either by cleaning the litter box or coming into contact with spots where the cat has been, the outcome can be very dangerous. If contact does accidentally occur, she must instantly proceed to washing her hands real well. Lots of Human beings are infected with this virus; some never even experiencing any symptoms, our immune system protects us from this virus. However, the case is different with pregnant women due to the baby's immune system not being as strong as an adult's, therefore being unable to fight it.

Since the virus can be tracked everywhere around the house by the cat, it is best to not have a cat around while pregnant. Some useful and helpful tips are to keep the cat with a friend or relative while pregnant, or have someone else clean the house and cat litter often, to prevent the virus from being spread. Once again, whatever you do, don't clean out the cat litter box so your baby and you can stay nice and healthy.

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5 Physical Activities Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Author: Criss White

Pregnant women are the vessel for all things that may carry to their unborn child. It's very important that any mom-to-be take extra care of herself, physically, emotionally, and health-wise. While you're watching what you eat and the vitamins you take, a pregnant woman also needs to not participate in particular events that may affect the baby.

Here are 5 physical activities pregnant women should avoid.

Thrill seeking – it may seem obvious, but during your pregnancy, you should stay away from any physical activities that raise your heart rate, increases your blood pressure, or puts you in physical danger. It's best to avoid things like roller coasters, mountain climbing, SCUBA diving, snowboarding, skiing, etc. There's nothing wrong with moderate exercise, but stay away from the more dare-devil thrills.

Cleaning cat box – while we love our furry friends that live with us, they do carry fleas, ticks, dander, and other possible allergens that could adversely affect your unborn child. During your pregnancy, have your significant other change the cat litter or the flea collar.

Hot tub/sauna – resist the urge to participate in any physical activity that may relax you too much. Hot tubs and saunas can raise the body's temperature exponentially. Best to avoid this type of activity while pregnant. Also, Reflexology is thought to be something to stay away from, as well, as touch and pulse points on the body could trigger early labor.

Household cleaning – pregnant women don't have to avoid cleaning altogether, but should evade cleaning products that may contain warning labels with words like "poison" or "dangerous" or "harmful." Good old ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda can handle most home cleaning challenges. Or, have your partner take over the household chores during your pregnancy.

Excessing sun exposure – it's best if you stay out of direct sunlight and avoid sunburn. Also, you should stay away from tanning beds and tanning booths that direct UV rays at your body. You don't have to forgo that summer beach trip, but avoid overheating by staying under an umbrella or cabana. The better you feel, the better your baby will feel.

And the best advice during your pregnancy is to talk to your doctor, be open and honest, and let him/her know your exercise regime, diet, and any other life changes that could affect your baby. Always get your doctor's advice first and foremost.

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Criss White is a professional writer that writes about pregnancy and other party planning topics like food for baby shower parties and other baby shower ideas. Criss enjoys hosting parties and cooking when not writing.

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