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Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Types of vaginal discharge during pregnancy and How to deal with It

Author: priya Singh

The most common way to find out if you are pregnant or not is the white discharge that happens a week after you miss your first periods. The more you are close to the date of labour the amount of vaginal discharge increases. The fluids are found the great indicator for the measure of the check the cases of level of infection. The fluids make the vaginal area be clean and clear as well. Hence vaginal discharge during pregnancy is common but that happens only when you are having a normal level of discharge. The problem occurs when you have abnormal level of discharge.

Normal Vaginal Discharge:

Normal vaginal discharge as said before happens to most of the pregnant women. This kind of discharge is milky, thing and has slight bad smell. You can deal with this type of vaginal discharge during pregnancy with,

  • Panty liner is a very good way to deal with this problem.
  • Go for making a change in the medicines as they may affect the vaginal discharge.

Abnormal Vaginal discharge:

When the flow of the vaginal discharge is more than normal the colour is fully yellow or slight yellow or there is a high smell you must consider visiting the health care expert as this is a sign of abnormal vaginal discharge. Let us look at some of the examples or sings that can guide you to know whether your vaginal discharge is normal or not,

  • If along with the discharge you are having pain and that is more after or during the urination
  • The vaginal discharge is having high amount of ordure.
  • After sex you are having a particular kind of discharge that smells like fish and smells really bad.
  • If you are having an inflammation that causes you high level of irritation.

Make sure that if any of this occurs to you, you highly need to visit the health care expert immediately.

For all the vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common but for the safe side it is always suggested that consulting a doctor is the best idea. This makes you stay safe as also know the ways of dealing what to do during emergency. Some medications also give high amount of discharge so it is always better to be in the safe side and if you see after a few days of intake some medicine you are having higher amount of discharge talk with the doctor.

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The author has given good information in this article about types of vaginal discharge during pregnancy and how to deal with it. Also read about other problems during pregnancy at Onlymyhealth.

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Useful Tips For Women Suffering From Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

Author: Melanie

During pregnancy even the slightest of abnormalities gets us worried. This is true in case of vaginal discharge which may become excessive during pregnancy also. Even under normal circumstances most of us have a thin, milky fluid which discharges from the vagina known as leucorrhea. However if your discharge is accompanied by a burning and itching sensation, and has a fishy smell it may be Vaginosis that you are suffering from. To get relief from this infection you must go in for formal bacterial vaginosis treatment.

It is a bacterial vaginal infection which affects almost 15% of pregnant women. Almost 70% of non pregnant women too suffer from this infection at some point of time or the other during their fertile years.

BV is an infection which is caused due to overgrowth of bacteria naturally present in the vagina. Its common symptoms include:

•Vaginal discharge during pregnancy. A whitish grey discharge which is thin in texture

•Fishy smell which becomes pronounced after intercourse

•Vaginal itching and burning sensation.

This bacterial vaginal infection responds extremely well to natural cures. Many women prefer to leave it untreated in the hope that the infection will away on its own. However pregnant women must never make this assumption since the infection can cause your baby to have a low birth weight.

There are a number of natural home remedies that you can make use of to treat vaginal discharge during pregnancy and the fishy smell caused by this infection.. eBooks providing clear cut details about natural ways to treat vaginal discharge are easily available on the internet. You can also participate in online chat forums to find out what other sufferers in your condition are doing to treat their infection.

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