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Baby does not want to eat

Baby does not want to eat

How to Make Your Baby a Good Eater

Author: Lauren Dzuris

We all hope that our little one is a good eater. Although, really, we never know what to expect when we first feed them real baby food. Some babies are amazing eaters, and want to eat everything in sight, yet others hate a lot of foods, and are extremely difficult to feed. If you want to make sure your little one is a good eater, there is hope! There are some things you can do to help your baby develop a better sense of food!

Wide variety - Okay, when it comes to food the options are endless. There are several different things we can feed our baby, and a ton of things they will like. Simply go to the grocery store, look at all the baby food, and get a good selection to choose from. Giving your baby a chance to develop a taste of certain foods is a great thing. If they start eating it at an early age, the more likely they will like it when they get older as well.

Healthy foods - Although there are several different foods to choose from, you want to make sure you are feeding your baby a ton of healthy foods. Make sure your little one is getting all the fruits and vegetables they need to grow up strong. Once they master these, you can start giving them the snacks and desserts!

Don't give up - If your baby doesn't like a food that's really good for them, don't give up. If you feed them a fruit or vegetable they once spit out, and you give it to them again, they may just eat it. Sometimes we aren't in the mood for certain things, and when we aren't in the mood, we're not going to eat them. Therefore, keep trying to give your baby the food they didn't like at first.

Dishes - So, maybe your baby does like peas, but maybe if you mix them with something else, they will like it much better, and they will eat them. Sometimes certain things don't taste good plain, but if you mix them, the taste is much more appealing. So, the next time they spit it out, try mixing the peas with something else you know they like. This is a great way for them to learn to like it, while still making them eat a healthy diet at the same time.

Our babies can certainly be fussy when it comes to food, but that shouldn't make you inpatient, but instead more determined to find foods they like, and find a way for them to like the foods they "don't like". Don't give up on your little one; just think of ways to be more creative. Although, you do want to accept that if they really don't like it, they don't like it. We all hate certain foods, and when we even think of them we get grossed out. So, if your baby is going through this, maybe they really don't like it. You will be able to tell what is worth giving another shot and what isn't.

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