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hemorrhoids while pregnant

hemorrhoids while pregnant

How To Cure Hemorrhoids While Pregnant – Safe Treatment

Author: Rebecca Stone

Hemorrhoids or "piles" is an intestinal problem that is characterized by a swelling of the blood vessels around the rectal region. The swelling of the veins in the rectal region is often due to straining while eliminating one's solid wastes. Pregnant women given their condition are more prone to developing piles. In most cases the swelling appears during the pregnant woman's first trimester, while for some it appears after they have given birth. Learning how to cure hemorrhoids while pregnant is a must information for all married women or those contemplating pregnancy. In such cases, it can also be noted that piles disappear soon after the mother has completed delivery.

Finding a cure for fixing hemorrhoids is something all who suffer from the problem should know about as the latter entails a lot of discomfort, pain, itching and skin irritation. What more, in the case afflicted pregnant women who suffer from piles? However, since they are often part of the body discomforts pregnant women suffer from in their delicate condition, the treatment must also be done carefully and with the safest methods possible. To know how to cure hemorrhoids while pregnant is necessary so as to keep the mother and baby safe from any possible side effects treatments in general may have. Some medication could be very harmful, hence must be avoided.

The safest way records show on how to cure hemorrhoids while pregnant is to do it using natural means. By going natural one can eliminate the probable effects of medication that could harm the child. In this regard here are some natural treatments pregnant women may want to consider in fixing their piles.

a) Right Food – pregnant women need all the right nutrients to ensure good health for themselves and the baby they carry in their womb. Healthy foods such as a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy kinds. To add to it, pregnant women who are under hemorrhoids attack must make a conscious effort to have enough fiber in their diet as they are also often prone to constipation, which could very well lead to piles formation.

b) Flax seeds – which are high in omega – 3

c) Iron rich food- other that fiber, iron is an important mineral that pregnant women with hemorrhoids also need to promote healthy blood cells.
The foods to avoid on the other hand are; red meat, fatty foods, coffee and too much sweets as they do not promote an easy digestive process.

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Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Author: Dina Brown

Pregnancy hemorrhoid is a very common health condition resulting from pregnancy, and most women are wondering why.

Most pregnant women acquire more than two pounds from increased blood supply alone that can add to blood pressure in the entire body. This increase in blood pressure can have direct effects to a woman’s wellness such as the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Most pregnant women also get varicose veins on the pelvis, and hemorrhoids are generally similar to varicose veins, but they only happen in the rectal area. Because of the large mass of connective tissue in the rectal area are designed to engorged and back to its normal size naturally, it is very easy for the blood vessels to get trapped and inflamed, particularly when there’s more blood volume.

Furthermore, the second stage of labor commonly includes pushing and muscular constrictions in the rectal area for prolonged hours on end, so you should not be shocked that hemorrhoids can still occur after you give birth. Such tension puts a lot of strain on the vein linings and this can lead to hemorrhoids.

Also the enlarging uterus puts tension on the blood vessels in the pelvis and the inferior vena cava, either of which sucks blood from the entire pelvis area back to the center of the circulatory system. The inferior vena cava is the really huge blood vessel on the left portion of the body that pulls all of the blood from the lower thighs back to the heart. Thus, when it is contracted by a growing fetus straining to occupy adequate space, it can begin causing hemorrhoids and varicose veins, in some cases in the most unlikely parts of the rectum.

And, to make the situation almost ideal for the development of hemorrhoids, the female body releases large volumes of progesterone in the entire body throughout pregnancy that provides extra straining and coincident relaxation of vessel linings and slowing food absorption down.

While progesterone can pose hemorrhoids, there are two significant reasons that your body needs this hormone.

1. While the blood vessels are relaxing, so are your tendons and muscle linings that allows your body to grow and gradually makes labor during child birth easier.

2. Your body requires to pull every bit of nutrients and minerals it can absorb from food, so when your digestion is slower, your intestines are working extra hard to extract the needed nutrients. However, the mixture of all these effects makes your body a perfect environment for hemorrhoids to develop.

The negative aspect of this is that pregnancy hemorrhoids can be more likely to act as a tendon to support the blood vessels in that portion of the body and is thus decreased, allowing the blood vessels to be more susceptible to inflammation and the swelling added with the slow process of food digestion, constipation (another major cause of hemorrhoids), is more probable to be experienced.

After giving birth, the hemorrhoids will more probably vanish; this is an advantage since a female body can easily heal the hemorrhoids with or without the intervention, than the male body.

However, you should remember that it will take your body a little while to recuperate from the labor of giving birth and for the pain caused by hemorrhoids and discomfort to be completely eradicated. A more direct treatment for hemorrhoids can be applied after giving birth, if prescribed by your pediatrician or a colorectal expert.

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