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Development of baby after birth

Development of baby after birth

Baby Health - Nutritional Facts

Author: Imran ali

Baby health and newborn baby care is an important concern in our life. We all have babies or at least have them to raise properly. We cannot consider any compromise when any concern is related with our baby health. Therefore we always try to do something that will not only effectively ensure us about our babies good health’s but also make us confident on using them.

Confident is a must factor while you take any steps regarding baby health. Consider the maternal nutritional plan. Mother nutritional condition is essential for good baby health. Moms need to stay health at the pregnancy situation. Maternal nutrition plays an important role in improving Baby Health. During pregnancy period mothers should have take adequate food and nutrition for her own body and inside her baby for their weight gaining. A pregnant women is usually gains her weight 12-14 kg during this period. The weight of pregnant women is not gaining up to this mark during the pregnancy period.

In order to gain this weight extra 400 to 500 calorie is required per day. Then there is an every chance of low birth weight baby. The low birth weight babies are usually suffering from various diseases and mortality rate is very high among them. So, pregnant women should be very careful for taking enough food during this period. Besides, she has to maintaining antenatal care on a regular basis for ensuring Baby Health. The antenatal check up also helps the mother to keep the baby’s weight. Besides, pregnant women should take protein and carbohydrate, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Follow this.

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