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Bed rest during pregnancy

Bed rest during pregnancy

Being on bed rest during pregnancy can be an awful feeling. Women have the nature to take care of everything so bed rest during pregnancy can make us feel helpless :-(.

Here are some things that can be really helpful while dealing with bed rest during pregnancy:

* Try to stick to a schedule, and try to be showered and dressed before noon. Just having a routine will help your day go by quicker and will help life seem more normal.

* Do as much as the doctors will allow you to but no more than that.

* Get out of the house as much as possible. Just to leave the house and see people is a great thing while dealing with bed rest during pregnancy. It makes you feel plugged in to the rest of the world.

* Stay mentally active. Puzzle books, reading on your ebook reader such as your kindle or nook. This is the perfect time to make your mind like a sponge. Suck up all the information that you can while being on bed rest during pregnancy. Any thing that is engaging and helps to pass the time is great. Laptops were a wonderful invention :-) They really help in dealing with bed rest during pregnancy.

Bed rest during pregnancy is extremly challenging when you are a normally active person. I was placed on the bed rest the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy and it was agony. I'm not really a person that likes to watch TV and I'm a control freak and used to being busy all the time. It was pure torture LOL. I did a lot of writing during those two weeks. It was making me feel depressed. There were several things that I did to get through that time. I focused on how important this was for my baby. I just took it one day at a time. Yes, it was hard. I also kept a diary of each day and wrote down goals of each positive change that I wanted to make in my life once my baby was born. I read a lot too. I kept my mind active.

I focused each day on how bed rest during pregnancy was only temporary and that I should enjoy it because I would be very busy again soon enough (once the baby was born).

When you are on bed rest during pregnancy, it's important to eat very light and healthy because the weight will be harder to take off after the baby is born (especially if you are older).

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The Benefits of Bed Rest during Pregnancy

Author: Sandra Wilson

Bed rest is something many pregnant women don’t really think about until they are informed it will be necessary by their doctor. About 1 in 5 women have their doctors recommend bed rest during pregnancy. While it may sound boring, inconvenient and frightening, there are some bed rest benefits. Bed rest is usually recommended for high risk pregnancies or multiple births. There don’t seem to be any general rules as to when it is needed. Most doctors will evaluate the necessity on a case by case basis.

While you may worry about bed rest during pregnancy, because it implies you may be at a higher risk than most women, keep in mind that the vast majority of women who have observed bed rest during their pregnancy deliver healthy babies. It is usually a precaution taken by doctors when they feel that too much activity will put undue stress on your body.

You may not relish the prospect of spending the last months of your pregnancy as immobilized as possible, but fortunately, there are some bed rest benefits. Many women who are unhappy with the idea at first come to realize that it forces them to take a break from what is often a hectic and stressful life. When you have to spend your days on the couch or in bed, you will find it much easier than you thought to stop worrying about a lot of things that previously seemed very important to you.

Another benefit of bed rest during pregnancy is that it gives other family members a chance to help you out. Many husbands and older children want to help in any way they can. If they haven’t done chores in the past because you always picked up the slack, they will now get to see just how much you do for them every day. If you are normally a critical perfectionist, you will find that you just need to accept the work that the rest of the family is doing, and appreciate their efforts, even if the result isn’t exactly how you would have done it.

Some more bed rest benefits are that you are forced to rest, and may finally get caught up on some much-needed sleep. Keep in mind that it will be a long time before you will get a chance to get that much rest again. This is especially true while your baby is still small. You will also have time for hobbies that you may have neglected for a while. It’s a great chance to get caught up on some reading as well.

Bed rest during pregnancy also means that unlike most women, having the baby will mean that you will become more, not less mobile. Other women will expect to slow down for some time after delivering, while you will be getting back to your regular pace. While it may be frustrating, appreciating the bed rest benefits will make this time go by more quickly and you may very well find that you are more relaxed than you’ve been in years.

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