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Sickness during pregnancy

Sickness during pregnancy

Are you feeling sickness during pregnancy? Take a raw lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze and slowly drink the juice directly from the lemon. This really does take the edge off of sickness during pregnancy. Sounds weird but it works.

Here are some more tips to ward off sickness during pregnancy:

A glass of soy milk does a great job of this. Drink a glassful every two hours. You will be shocked but it will help end the sickness during pregnancy.

Eat something every three hours. Set your alarm clock a half hour before you have to wake up in the morning. Eat 5 crackers and drink a half a glass of gingerale than lay back down for that half hour. You will be shocked how much that will settle your stomach. This trick worked wonders for me while I was pregnant.

If you are having headaches, mild cramping or constipation, drink three glasses of water in quick succession. Drink three glasses in a half hour. This works much of the time as many discomforts are caused by dehyration.

A quick way to get rid of heartburn is apple cider vinegar. The best kind is the unfiltered kind from a health food store. Place 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar in two ounces of water. You can add a little honey to sweeten the taste. This will make the heartburn sickness during pregnancy go away.

Hope this helps you deal with some of your sickness during pregnancy.

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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy - Do's and Dont's

Author: Varadharajan R

How to prevent Morning sickness during pregnancy is a mystery common in pregnant women. Pregnancy Nausea occurs as one of the early signs of pregnancy. In most cases this discomfort improves when you enter the second trimester. For some women, morning sickness and nausea might last longer, even for the entire nine months. During nausea, you feel tired and feel hatred of eating or even smelling certain things. Sometimes, you may have continuous vomiting making you dehydrated.

So, pregnancy morning sickness is the worst effect experienced by most of the women. Although it is quite normal and common as one of the early pregnancy symptoms, it might become distressful with some women. The nausea starts from 4th to 6th week and lasts up to 4th month. The nausea is felt mostly in the morning by almost all women with pregnancy, and it is felt in the evening hours by a very few. To the worst, it may be lasting throughout the day to some women in pregnancy.

You may be eager to know if there are morning sickness cures to overcome this distressful condition during pregnancy period. Morning sickness subsides by itself with the down fall of pregnancy hormones during second trimester. Anyhow, by keeping in mind a few things, you can get rid of morning sickness after pregnancy to certain extent.

Preventing Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

To help stop morning sickness, you need to keep a few things in mind which are listed below:

10 tips of Do's:

- Make it a point to take only small meals with spaced intervals. Stuffing your stomach itself may be a burden to make you feel an imbalance in your normal condition with indigestion problems.

- Take a variety of healthy as well as balanced diet to get nutrients for energy and stamina in a natural way.

- Keep some light snacks by your bedside to avoid empty stomach for a long time.

- Eat what you feel relishing to your taste and make yourself satisfied.

- Drink more water to compensate your dehydrated condition when you have excessive vomiting.

- Eat more food items with carbohydrates, preferably baked potato and fresh vegetables.

- Take naps during day whenever you feel to have, but not closely after eating.

- Go to bed earlier and get up slowly in the morning without tension.

- Have free size clothes to wear and avoid tightening the belt around the abdomen.

- Have good ventilation for free air when at home and enjoy relaxed state of mind.

5 tips of Dont's:

- Don't eat uncooked or under cooked meats or fish. They may harm your body in all ways.

- Don't eat fish varieties like shark, swordfish, or tile fish which compose mercury contents.

- Don't take too much spicy, oily and greasy foods during pregnancy.

- Don't take drugs of any kind to your choice, unless and otherwise your doctor prescribes.

- Don't try to eat anything that you suspect to increase your nausea.

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