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Last month of pregnancy

Last month of pregnancy

During the last month of pregnancy, remember to enjoy the pleasures of life without a baby. Soon it's going to take lots of planning to even be able to go out to dinner or have an intimate evening with your partner.

Here are some things that you should take care of in the last month of pregnancy while you still have the time.

* Order/buy announcements and get the envelopes addressed before the baby comes. Have your return address printed on them or use address stickers. Have plenty of thank-you notes and stamps in the house. At 37 weeks, wash everything that you have for the baby; clothes, blankets, sheets etc. Wash toys in hot soapy water or dishwasher, if possible. Get a good supply of film and camera batteries. Make sure your digital camera and video camera batteries are fully charged.

* If you plan to breast feed, buy several nursing pajamas (or 2-piece pajamas with a short top) that you really like as you will be spending pretty much the first two weeks of the baby's life in them. Get plenty of breast pads.

* Put a basket on the back of each toilet stocked with sanitary pads, underwear, your squirt bottle from the hospital and breast pads. Put a small trash can next to each toilet in your house. Get some cheap underwear that you can afford to get stained and then discard the first week or two. Or have your "old" underwear ready. I like to call them my grannie panties :-)

Avoid reclining during the last month of pregnancy. Doing so will help prevent painful back labor.

Sleep now, no matter how uncomfortable you may feel, especially during this last month of pregnancy. You will still be getting a more consistent opportunity to sleep in this last month than you will the first three months of your baby's life.

Take time to read books or visit websites on the easiest, healthiest way to lose that baby weight quick once the baby is born.

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Author: Shalini roy

The tenth month of pregnancy is the time when you know you baby is completely developed and also aware of its surroundings. The brain of the fetus is well functioning and so are his eyes. By this time the fetus' head has already moved down to the pelvis of the mother waiting to come out. The baby puts on wait at an incredible speed – almost 30 gms a day. All the organs have matured to their optimum by now. The muscles of the hand and feet are well developed too and some babies might also have hair that is at least 3 to 4 cms long. The weight of the baby must be 3000 gms by now and at least 50 cms in length. A heavy baby should not worry you as long as it is not underweight. 2500 gms is the normal weight for a ten month old fetus. This is the time that you should rest a lot for you have no idea when the moment of delivery will near. Make sure you are not nervous because remaining calm is very important at this point of time.

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind during this sensitive phase. This is when the only thing you are really doing is waiting for your baby t be brought t your arms. Keep all necessary things that you will have to carry to the hospital prepared. These would include underwear, sanitary napkins etc. Start preparing your baby's supplies as well like clothing, food, bedding, some hospitals provide with these things so check with yours if they do too. Make sure you give your baby cotton clothes to wear as their skin is sensitive and extra care must be taken not to give them anything and everything. Be well versed with the directions to the hospital just in case of an emergency. Maintain your ID card and always keep it close to you.

It is important you curb your sex drive at this point as you might contract an infection which is not desirable at this point of time in your pregnancy. Signs of labour are different for different women so look out for yours. Most women experience a tremendous abdomen pain two weeks prior to the delivery. A labour pain helps to tell that the delivery is around the corner. There might also be breaking water which is yet another sign of the woman seeping into labour.

Once you are sure when the delivery date is there are three things you have to keep in mind. There are contractions that occur in the body and these are very extreme to help the baby push out. For a first time delivery this takes quite a bit of time. This contraction is followed by a tremendous expansion that will allow the baby to come out completely. This takes up to an hour or two for a first time mother. The last stage after which you know you can hold you baby in your own hands is when the placenta will be cut. This may take time as long as an hour and a half if it is not completed in half an hour in first time cases.

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