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Emotions during pregnancy

Emotions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not always a happy, glowing experience. Approximately 20% of pregnant women experience depression. About 15 percent of these women become so severely depressed that they attempt suicide :-(. When symptoms of depression or other mood disorders cause limitations in a woman's ability to function, intervention is necessary. This may include traditional counseling or medication or nontraditional such as yoga or aupressure. The goal is to use whatever the individual woman needs in order to feel like herself again.

You need to trust your body and not fear the unknown. Educate yourself as much as you can. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask your doctor questions. Tell your family and friends how you are feeling and ask for help when needed. Don't hold it all inside. You are not weak. Emotions during pregnancy can be crazy. The goal is to use whatever you need that is healthy and will make you feel like yourself again.

Not every pregnancy is expected, and even those that are planned may create mixed emotions once the hormone roller coaster sets into motion.

Motherhood is the scariest, most challenging, most rewarding, and most important job that you will ever have. This makes you feel vulnerable yet incredibly strong at the same time. The instinct to protect your child is in every fiber of your being, and it comes out with a vengeance once you become a mother. Everyone's experience is different. Embrace the journey.

One way to help with emotions during pregnancy is to record your thoughts, rants and tirades in a journal. This will make you feel better and people wont be afraid to be around you while you are struggling with emotions during pregnancy.

Time is important during your pregnancy. All of the unknown feelings of this soul growing inside of you and every sense and emotion should be cherished. Life is a precious gift and you made that precious gift.

Stay as peaceful and positive as you can throughout your pregnancy.

Your body is going to change. Your mind is going to change. That is normal emotions during pregnancy. Don't be afraid to embrace change. That little bundle of joy inside of you is going to be someone that will bring you so much joy for the rest of your life. Yes, there will be tough times but that little person is going to grow to be your best friend. Enjoy this time.

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The Emotions of Pregnancy

Author: Gabriella Gometra

Pregnancy is a wonderful, exciting time in a woman's life. Going through the stages of the nine long months can be adventurous yet uncomfortable. Knowing that soon there will be a little something in the world that is to carry on the genealogy of the family is motivating to keep going. Some people who experience pregnancy never want to go through it again because it was too much for their bodies. Others say it worth every pound gained to have a baby.

The first stage of finding out the woman is pregnant is exciting. Immediately the breasts start to enlarge, and although they are a little tender, the enlarged chest makes the woman feel more attractive because she still has a small waist. She thinks, "This is going to be great because I can still fit into my clothes." A couple of weeks or maybe days pass and the nausea feeling starts to happen. It feels like the woman is constantly on a roller coaster with the stomach turning. Some people actually can not eat due to not being able to keep anything down. Therefore the woman may actually lose weight the first month or two during pregnancy. There are the few blessed women who never get sick to the stomach and they just keep right on enjoying the newness of pregnancy.

The next couple of months the woman should keep exercising, although it is easier said then done. At this point the woman is eating everything in sight and her stomach is starting to stick out. She may not be in maternity clothes yet but she must buy clothes in a bigger size. The father to be is probably thinking, "Great, the spending has already started before the baby even gets here." This stage is exciting because the baby is big enough to hear the heart beat at the doctor's office. Also around the fourth and fifth month you can tell if it is a boy or girl when you go for an ultrasound test. There may even be more than one baby discovered in the uterus. This is also the time to start thinking about nursery ideas.

The last stage is awesome because it is a time when the baby is almost here. The baby shower takes place and the nursery is decorated, furnished and organized. The mom-to-be begins to feel very uncomfortable at this point. The walk of the mom is a waddle, swaying from side to side keeping her balance. Sleeping at night has already changed because finding a good position is difficult. The eating has slowed down because the baby is leaving little room for all the rest of the mom's organs. Then in the blink of an eye it is time to go to the hospital to deliver the wonderful new addition. This is when the new adventure really begins.

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