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Types of miscarriage- miscarriage symptoms

Types of miscarriage- miscarriage symptoms

Types of miscarriage

What Are The Different Types Of Miscarriage?

Author: Sandra Wilson

What does a miscarriage occur? How can you reduce chances of miscarriage? Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage? Every pregnancy woman fears of having a miscarriage. Given this, it is very important that you keep yourself aware of the basic information on how you can save your baby from being miscarriage. In this particular article, we will share with you the different types of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is not a single event. Rather, it is a process. A miscarriage comes in several stages and types. More often that not, all types of miscarriage are referred to as “miscarriage” but in some cases, they may also be coined as:

Threatened miscarriage – A threatened miscarriage is characterized by a certain degree of early pregnancy uterine bleeding which may be accompanied by a lower backache or cramping. The bleeding is a result of the implantation. In threatened miscarriage, your cervix may remain close.

Incomplete miscarriage – Also called as “inevitable miscarriage”, it is characterized by back pain accompanied with bleeding. Your cervix is opened as well. One can have an inevitable miscarriage when a dilation or an effacement of the cervix occurs. It may also be due to the rupture of the membranes. Cramps and bleeding may indicate that an incomplete miscarriage is about to take place.

Complete miscarriage – A complete miscarriage happens if the embryo has emptied out of the uterus. In this case, bleeding subsides over a short period of time, just like abdominal pain or cramping. This may be confirmed through a surgical curettage or through an ultrasound.

Can you really reduce chances of miscarriage?

Yes, certain preventive measures can be done to minimize your risks of miscarriage. The very best way to keep this unfortunate event from happening to and your baby is by eating a healthy diet. Eat a balanced meal as often as you can. Fruits and vegetables will also be a huge help. Some commercial milk made especially for pregnant women may also help you stabilize a good health. Aside from eating healthy food, living a healthy lifestyle can help lessen your chances as well. Quit on your vices while you are pregnant. Do not smoke. Do not drink alcohol. Do not take prohibited drugs. Limiting your caffeine intake is also advised. Keep in mind to see your doctor regularly. Your doctor will be able to tell if your risks to having a miscarriage are high. If this is the case, you may be advised to go on a bed rest.

Miscarriage is a normal circumstance. While yes, it may be very devastating and depressing to some, you need to accept the fact that every pregnant woman has chances of having a miscarriage. The best thing to keep this from happening to you is to educate yourself about the many ways to prevent this very unfortunate event.

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Miscarriage symptoms

Miscarriage symptoms in early stages of pregnancy

Author: Vanni Jain

Miscarriage is becoming very common day by day and obviously this is the reason that every single couple must be careful about their pregnancy. The number of miscarriages is getting high day by day and that is also one of the main reasons why you should be careful about pregnancy as also you need to know the miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancy so that you can stay away from pregnancy complications and know how to handle as precaution is always better than testament. Let us look at the symptoms connected with the miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy,

Miscarriages are generally trend to happen in the early stages of pregnancy when your body is just getting known to the features of pregnancy and that is when we forget to take care properly and face such issues. Miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancy is connected with symptoms like,
1. Bleeding : bleeding can be both heavy as also small in quantity but as soon as you face this you must go for doctor
2. Feeling heavy vomiting
3. Heavy pain during urination
4. High fever
5. Vomiting continuously
6. Continuous pain in the tummy
7. Lower back pain that too in intolerable manner
8. Painful contractions that too frequently
9. Pink mucus discharge
10. Sudden weight loss

These are the very common symptoms and there can be other symptoms also connected with the early pregnancy and miscarriage also.

Miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancy can be very different from each other but let us look at the ways how to deal with them. Let us look at the ways of how to deal with the symptoms
1. Visit your medical practitioner immediately
2. Make sure that you are going for a medical check up in regular basis
3. If you are having a previous history of miscarriage talk to the doctor immediately as soon as you get pregnant.

For those who are planning to get pregnant must know the miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancy so that they can deal with them in urgency as also who can make them stay away from the biggest problems. There are other certain health issues that can make you face miscarriage so discuss them before you plan to get pregnant with your doctor so that you don't need to face those days. At last you must learn to face it mentally and get prepared for a second pregnancy.

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