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What to do when my water breaks

What to do when my water breaks

Water Breaking During Pregnancy - How You Know And What Should You Do In Such Cases

Author: Shirley M. Duran

Water breaking during pregnancy is on of the most common things for all pregnant women. Breaking of the water membranes is a sign of labour. Pretty often this is a bit traumatic, but not always and it definitely not happen always before labour starts.

If you think the wet spot in front of you is from water breaking during pregnancy, sniff it and if it smells like something sweet, not like ammonia, is most likely that your water just broke.

The colour of the amniotic fluid should be clear, although in some cases is more like a light yellow colour.

If the waters broke with a gush, how much was there and at what time did they break? If the waters are trickling out, when did you first notice any wetness, or feel that you had lost some fluid other than urine into the toilet? What colour is the fluid you are losing? Does it smell?

Water breaking during pregnancy is not always the reason for you to make assumptions. Sometimes a woman loses a small amount of the water in the womb and then the leak in the bag of waters appears to seal itself and nothing further happens. Often, however, losing water from around the baby means that labour is likely to start soon and your baby is going to be born. If you are less than 37 weeks pregnant, you need to contact the hospital straight away and you will be asked to go in. If you are more than 37 weeks pregnant, you should still contact your midwife or the hospital and take advice.

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