Monday, August 13, 2012

Flying while pregnant

Flying while pregnant

Never again will it be so easy to vacation with your baby. Fast-forward to a year from now. You will be lugging a car seat, diapers, toys etc wherever you go. There's no better time to fly while pregnant than when you are in your second trimester. After all, the fatique, queasiness, and emotional extremes of the first trimester are behind you; however, you are not yet a point where your belly has a life of it's own, making it hard to drag yourself and your luggage around.

So don't have reservations about those reservations that you've already made. But before you pack your suitcase, do get the go-ahead from your doctor first. Chances are that your doctor will give you the green light unless you have had medical complications in the pregnancy.

Once you have been cleared for takeoff, you'll only need to do a little planning to ensure a safe and pleasant trip, whether it's a quick business trip or leisurely vacation.

Time your vacation right. For long distance travel, the second trimester is the winner. Far-flung travel during the first trimester can be uncomfortable, especially if morning sickness, fatique and other early symptoms have hit hard. Likewise, roaming far from home isn't recommended in the last part of the trimester for obvious reasons. Should you go into labor early, you'd be stranded far away from your doctor.

Choose a suitable destination. A hot, humid climate may be hard for you to handle because of your hopped up metabolism; if you do choose such a locale, make sure that your hotel and transportation are air-conditioned

Have fun and enjoy.

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