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Bonding with newborn baby

Bonding with newborn baby

There are alot of things in life that you can overdo- but bonding with your newborn baby is not one of them. Not only do newborn babies thrive on attention from their parents, there is no better way to cement your relationship with your baby. All the time that you are spending with the baby will help both you and your partner bond with them.

Don't be surpised by your enthusiasm for your new bundle of joy. Bonding with newborn baby begins with that very first cuddle. This is just the very start of your relationship with that baby that will bring you a lifetime of happiness (yes, they will also cause you a lot of gray hairs also as they get older). This brand new connection between you and your newborn will deepen and strengthen, not just over the next weeks, but over the many years that you will be sharing as mother and child.

In other words, don't expect instant results (especially if this is your first time as a parent). You will make some mistakes. You will feel overwhelmed at times. Overwhelmed by all the responsibility but moreso, overwhelmed by the feelings of your love and protectiveness of this baby. There is no greater love than the love that a mother has for their children.

Look at every moment with your new baby as a new opportunity to strengthen your bond and create memories. Every diaper change, every bath, every kiss, every look into those tiny little eyes, you will be bonding with your newborn. Everything that you do with your newborn is considered bonding at this point. Sing to them, read to them, dance slowly with them in your arms etc. Every bonding moment is helping build trust and security with your baby.

Making eye contact and holding them snuggly against your chest can enhance the closeness and security of the bond. Keep in mind that bonding with your newborn many seem a little one-sided at first. They are too young at this point to be alert and responsive. You will be the one doing all the smiling and cooing, but every moment of your attention is contributing to your baby's sense of well-being. This lets them know that they are very much loved. The smiles that you will start seeing will confirm your time with them was well spent and that the connection was there all along.

Also, don't feel that you have to do all your bonding with your newborn at home. Newborns are highly portable, so feel free to pack a diaper bag, strap them into a stroller, car seat, or baby carrier and take a stroll, run some errands or go visit with family and friends. It's good for you both to get out of the house.

Enjoy this bonding time with your newborn. They grow up so quickly. My baby turns 14 next week and is starting high school. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was taking her to her very first day of kindergarten. Now, I will be taking her to her very first day of high school. I look at her baby pictures now and I just think "where have these years went"? Cherish this time :-)

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