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What is a high risk pregnancy

What is a high risk pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy

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High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy describes when a pregnant women has one or other factors that could put her or the fetus at risk for certain health problems.

Causes Of High Risk Pregnancy.

  • At 35 years or older women may cause problems like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes may cause baby with a Down's syndrome.
  • At 15 years or more girls are at greater risk because that may suffer from anemia and there baby will be underweight with lower immunity power.
  • The girl/women underweight or overweight before becoming pregnant.
  • The girl/women pregnant with more than a fetus.
  • The girl/women has gone into labor before scheduled.
  • The girl/women has had a history of premature labor.
  • The girl/women has had a baby with a defect, especially heart or genetic problems.
  • The girl/women may be suffering from critical dieses like asthma, aids, etc.
  • Make sure your vaccinations are current before you become pregnant.

Precautions At High Risk Pregnancy

  • Avoid travelling and all those activities that causes jerks to your body.
  • Getting proper immunizations.
  • Maintain your weight and diet.
  • Starting prenatal care appointments early in pregnancy.

Having And Avoiding Foods In High Risk Pregnancy

  • Fish And Seafood: - Fish and seafood are excellent low-fat sources of many nutrients and an important part of a healthy diet.
  • Alcohol: - No one knows how much alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy, so avoiding having.
  • Coffee: - Caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, anxiety, irregular heartbeats and problems sleeping, so cut down those things containing caffeine.
  • Food Additives:-Avoid having packed foods n additives like hot dogs, pizzas etc.
  • Saunas & Hot tubs: - saunas and hot tubs that maintain a temperature greater than body temperature. They can potentially cause overheating and affect the development of your baby.
  • Vegetables & Fruits: - Wash All vegetables and fruits before having them, instead of having juices eat them as they will give you loads of fibers.

Over the years human body is developed in such a manner that every thing should be happen in perfect time manner, no one should force it limits, because excess and less of anything can cause High Risk Pregnancy

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Steps to Minimize High Risk Pregnancy

Author: Maggie Tan

There is news, and there is good news. We are happy hearing it. It arrives in several ways- a graduation, an increase in position, a salary increase, a wedding, and for a father and mother to be-a pregnancy. Nothing could be better occurrences than the start of a new life. One of life's amazements that unceasingly confound us Nonetheless, there seems to be a time that the joke was that the good occasion is coupled with bad occasion, the near developing or a case of high risk pregnancy. High risk pregnancy may occur in women of young or old maternal age, who are malnourished and overweight and with preexisting history of diabetes and HIV. But high-risk pregnancy can also happen to women who were healthy before.

Many ordinary reasons of high risk pregnancy are gestational diabetes that can only happen to pregnant women, preeclampsia and eclampsia that affects the kidneys, live, and brain, preterm labor which happens before the 37th week of pregnancy, and HIV which progressively ruins the ability of our bodies to fight infections and other types of cancer.

But there is very good news about all this bad news and that is that the causes that exposes women to high risk pregnancy can be treated. One solution is regular prenatal consultation which can help both the mother and her baby and lessens the risk or prevent the development of serious problems during pregnancy. Second solution to reduce the happening of high risk pregnancy is for the woman to take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid daily before and during her pregnancy. Folic acid is accepted to disallow spina bfida in your baby. In partnership with vitamin B12, taking folic acid assures that the right amount of DNA and RNA that your baby required are produce. Folic acid ensures that the genetic code of the baby inside your womb is undamaged.

The other approach to help lessen high risk pregnancy is the proper administration of immunizations before pregnancy while there are other types of immunization which are administered when pregnant. Immunizations against measles, mumps, chicken pox, or rubella should be given at least one month before becoming pregnant. Through the waiting months for the baby in your womb, it is needed to maintain a healthy weight and diet. It is with wisdom that that pregnant women must stay away from smoking and taking of alcohol and drugs.

One must remember that having regular exercises is advised to pregnant women and it is not discouraged. Exercises reduce hypertension and diabetes. But there are conditions to be followed. Before commencing your plan to undertake an exercising activity, visit your physician first for a check up to verify if there are limitations to the physical activity. Be sure that you will take extra care that your physical workout routines will not put you and your baby at risk.

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