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Nail polish during pregnancy - Is it safe?

Nail polish during pregnancy - Is it safe?

It's perfectly safe to polish your nails while pregnant. If you get your nails done in a salon, just make sure it's well ventilated. Inhaling those strong chemicals is never a good idea but especially not when you are breathing for two. Also, the fumes might make you feel nauseated. As for acrylics, there's no proof that the chemicals are harmful. You may want to err on the side of caution though and forgo the tips until after you have the baby. The smell can be extremely strong. You need to remember that you are more prone to infections while pregnant. You may not even need the extra length or strength of acrylic nails anyhow because the prenatal vitamins will make your nails grow at warp speed.

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Surprisingly Safe Things to Do during Pregnancy

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Any pregnant woman should know that drinking alcohol and smoking are imprudent. It's best to quit while you can. There are some things, however, that may surprise you to know might actually be good while you're pregnant. Some of these may even have been previously thought of as unsafe.

The debate still rages on whether caffeine—from coffee, chocolate, tea, and some sodas-- is safe for you. There is no clear consensus yet on how much caffeine is safe, or whether it is safe at all. Depending on the state of your pregnancy, your obstetrician-gynecologist may advice you on whether it is safe for you to consume coffee, chocolate, or tea. If doubt still niggles at you, perhaps it is safest to avoid caffeine altogether.

It is widely held that it is unsafe for women to dye their hair. You may be surprised to learn that it is reportedly safe to use. The substances your hairdresser uses for your hair actually does not enter your bloodstream and cannot possibly harm your baby.

It is also safe for you to get your manicure or pedicure. As with the substances in your hair dye, the stuff in your nail polish, also reportedly, does not harm your baby. However, as an extra precaution, you may remind your aesthetician to be careful not to break your skin.

The ob gyn Houston women visit would advise their pregnant patients to continue exercising during their pregnancy. Low-impact exercise can strengthen their muscles, reduce discomfort and pain, and promote good circulation. It also controls weight gain. You may consult your physician on the exercise techniques best suited for you.

Depending on the state of your pregnancy, an obgyn Houston women visit would say that sexual intercourse is safe. In fact, some studies show that exposure to your partner's semen can make your cervix more flexible for labor, and additionally, acts as an antidepressant for you. Sexual intimacy throughout pregnancy can also raise your partner's paternal instincts as the two of you work to make your sessions safe and comfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Some physicians, however, may advise against sexual intercourse early and late in the pregnancy.

Taking air travel is also safe for pregnant women until she is thirty-six weeks along. So is road travel, but limit the travel for two hours or less. Consult an ob-gyn Houston parents visit in case she may have different advice for you. See BabyCenter.com for more information.

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