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High blood pressure while pregnant

High blood pressure while pregnant

How to Lower Blood Pressure While Pregnant - 6 Helpful Techniques

Author: Alvin Hopkinson

Gestational hypertension or high blood pressure in pregnancy can be perilous for both the mother and the unborn child. It can reduce the flow of the blood to the placenta, decrease birth weight, and cause premature delivery.

However, the dangers are negligible for as long as women are constantly examined during pregnancy. Preeclampsia, a severe blood pressure situation during pregnancy, usually occurs if the blood pressure gets bad; that is why continuous monitoring is very essential to guarantee a healthy delivery of the baby.

So, what are the methods on how to lower blood pressure while pregnant? Listed below are some guidelines that will serve as references.

1. There are a lot of medicines that are not safe to take during pregnancy, although they are considered effective for treating hypertension. High blood pressure drugs with ACE inhibitors and beta blockers are said to have detrimental side effects if you have a high blood pressure while pregnant.

These medicines should only be prescribed under cautious supervision by a professional doctor. Methyldopa has been studied to give best results in treating high blood pressure during pregnancy.

2. Getting plenty of rest is always recommended for pregnant women with high blood pressure. It is good to take a nap all through the day and avoid getting very exhausted.

3. Get rid of fried foods. Oil can upsurge in your arteries if you constantly eat fried foods or foods rich in concentrated oil. This build up in the arteries constricts the path of flowing blood, thereby elevating blood pressure. In case you want to eat fried foods, balance your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Doing a lot of exercise and monitoring your weigh is also advised. During a hypertensive pregnancy, swimming and walking are excellent for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women should avoid gaining too much weight to prevent the heart from getting stressed.

5. Eat foods or take in dietary supplements that are rich in potassium. Foods such as chicken, avocados, tomatoes, orange juice, and bananas are said to be rich in potassium.

6. To reduce your stress levels and help alleviate your blood pressure, try to practice relaxation methods like yoga or breathing exercises. These techniques can be very much useful in reducing tension or anxiety and stirring up relaxation.

Delivery is the only solution if medications, rest, and diet modification do not work even if it calls for premature delivery. Mothers should always be aware of the right techniques to do on how to lower blood pressure while pregnant to prevent any dangerous preterm birth. At the same time, they should remain under the secure care of her doctor to avoid further complications.

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