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Falling while pregnant

Falling while pregnant

Do you feel more clumsy while pregnant? Are you falling alot while pregnant? If pregnancy is tripping you up, that's not surprising. There are plenty of factors that can combine to make you more prone to falling while pregnant. For one, your impaired sense of balance, which has been thrown off-kilter as your center of gravity keeps shifting forward, along with your belly. For another, your looser, less stable joints, which add to awkwardness and make you prone more to falling while pregnant. You also become more clumsy because you get tired a lot easier. You also tend to be more preoccupied and daydream more. Also, don't forget that you may be having trouble seeing past your belly to your feet- all of which makes those curbs and other stumbling blocks easy to miss.

Although an accidental fall during pregnancy may leave you with scrapes and bruises and be embarrassing (especially if it is in public :), it's extremely rare for a fetus to suffer the consequences of your clumsiness. Your baby is protected by one of the world's most sophisticated shock absorption systems, made up of amniotic fluid, tough membranes, the elastic, muscular uterus, and the sturdy abdomninal cavity which is pretty much all muscles and bones. For it to be penetrated, and for your baby to be hurt, you'd have to sustain very serious injuries, the kind that would very likely land you in the hospital.

If you fall while pregnant and are concerned, call your doctor and get a check up. It will help to ease your mind.

Falling while pregnant is common.

Enjoy your pregnancy.

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