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Can I run while pregnant

Can I run while pregnant

Running During Pregnancy - Safe Exercises During Pregnancy, Do They Include Running?

Running During Pregnancy - Safe Exercises During Pregnancy, Do They Include Running?

By Steve W Barker

Are you looking for safe exercises during pregnancy? Are you an avid runner? Are you wondering if running during pregnancy could present any type of risk to your baby's development? This is a very common question for runners who get pregnant but don't want to stop their routines or training programs. Well there are two goldens rule when it comes to running during pregnancy:

Golden Rule #1.

Before you start or continue any type of exercise when you are pregnant consult your doctor or your family's health care provider.

Golden Rule #2.

If you were already an active runner prior to the pregnancy and do not have any medical complications, then running may be one of the safe exercises during pregnancy but refer to golden rule #1 above. As you progress you will get to a stage where your doctor advises you to stop running during pregnancy and take more gentle exercise.

That said, most women will simply transition from running during pregnancy to walking during pregnancy. Walking is one of the all-time safe exercises during pregnancy and can be done by almost any pregnant woman to stay healthy.

It is important that even if an experienced runner that you don't get overheated so take care, if you get breathless or running causes you pain then stop. You may find that running causes you discomfort as your little one grows inside you, in which case you should discuss any further running during pregnancy with your doctor.

There are safe exercises during pregnancy that most moms-to-be can do, running during pregnancy is not for everyone. If you are a "runner" and you get to a point where you have to stop running during pregnancy then you will want to continue a structured exercise program to maintain your fitness and control your weight gain. The safety of your baby is obviously your first concern.

If you are a "runner" but have been unfortunate in the past to have miscarried or you have any medical condition then see golden rule #1.

There are things that you should not do during pregnancy such as smoking, drinking alcohol and taking illicit drugs as these are most likely to have a harmful effect on your baby whether or not you are running during pregnancy. Also avoid or at least cut back on drinks with a high caffeine content. Stimulants such as caffeine not only affect you but can also affect your baby, and could keep your baby awake and active inside you when you are trying to sleep.

If you are overweight going into your pregnancy and want to get fitter for you and your baby then once you have complied with golden rule #1 it is probably best you find a well-structured routine of safe exercises during pregnancy.

And runner or non-runner diet is now very important, there are certain foods such as raw meat or meat cooked rare, raw eggs and other foods that can contain bacteria which can be harmful to your baby's development. There are also foods which are beneficial such those with good carbohydrates. Time to learn which are good and which aren't.

Runner or non-runner, be safe, keep fit, eat well - not for two and a safe delivery for you both.

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